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Barber Products



About Barber Product

Your customer deserves the best and so do you when it comes to your tools of the trade.

We offer competitively priced and affordable barber products such as our
portable multipurpose airbrush compressors and line me up color enhancement.

These products are very unique because this color enhancement was made specifically for the airbrush compressor pre-mixed.

airbrushes are high-quality and built to last, unlike cheaply made compressors that stay clogged. This makes them perfect for stylists who don't look forward to cleaning their equipment as it requires minimal to no cleaning.

We also offer
a free cleaning tool kit that  that's highly effective for cleaning your airbrushes.

compressors have high precision performance and are user friendly, allowing both beginners and amateurs to create a smooth, razor cut beard look.

hair design cards are made with finger tabs that keep your fingers and clients protected from the spraying product.

Line Me Up Color Enhancement leaves a long-lasting effect that last longer than any existing  fiber spray on the market today. More so, it's water-resistant, non-drip, and dries instantly.

It's also ready for use with all airbrush systems. Our
hypoallergenic formula is 100% dye and ammonia-free, ensuring that you have no irritations. Now, you can say goodbye to the clogging feeling other cheap products on the market will give you as ours is made from high-quality ingredients that'll feel natural on your skin.




"I highly recommend this product. I've been looking for a solution to cover up my grey beards (I got tired of shaving them off) and got this recommended to me at the barbershop. I tried it and it looks very natural. My wife likes that I look much younger now. Wonderful product indeed."

-  Ray from Houston, Tx.

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