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  • Do you have a tutorial on your products?
    We have plenty of links of how our products are being used. Please subscribe to our youtube channel to receive updates on our videos regarding our products. Youtube Channel:Click here
  • How long do your color enhancement last?
    We have tested our products on many indiividuals and have determined that it last longer than any fiber spray on the market. We also have determine that the longetivity of the product can depend on an individual activities, in which , can alter the timeframe of the product. Therefore, if your are very active, than the product will not last as long as it will on a person that is not active. We also recommend no water usuage for 24-48 hours to be applied to the area of application for longer lasting results.
  • Are your products safe for the skin?
    Yes! Our products are certified skin safe. Our products DO NOT contain Dibutyle Phthalates, Phythalates, Formaldehyde, Lead or any other toxic ingredients. We cant control anyone allergies, so therefore we recommend a patch test before applying as implemented on our product labels. Even though this is safe for the skin, our color enhancement is still flammable and may stain the skin and clothing temporarily which can be removed with liquid soap or alcohol.
  • Have a complaint or concern?
    Any complaints or concerns, please call email us for a faster response
  • How to clean the Eaze Air Brush.
    Click Here:
  • How to Clean our White Air Brush Spray Gun.
    Click Here:
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