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About Hair Product

Here at Choisie1, we offer a diverse range of hair mousses that have been specially formulated to cater to the demands of various hair types.

 Fresh braids, all the time…

Secure your braids and grow your hair with our All-in-One Braid Mousse that keeps your braids looking fresh at every moment. Our innovative alkaline water formula helps maintain the pH balance of your natural hair to promote its growth while it's protected in braids.

 Defined Curls, on the go…

Perfect for both natural hair and hair extensions, our Style & Grow All-in-One Detangler, Curl Definer, Alkaline Hair Styling Mousse tames your curls with maximum definition while ensuring that they do not fray or frizz all day long.

Let your hair glow…

Specifically formulated for your natural hair, our Style & Grow All-in-One Natural Hair Styling Mousse gives you thick, colonizing curls that are ideal for your hair type while keeping it moisturized and detangled.

 Additional benefits to using our hair products include

• Our firm hold formula ensures that your styles last all day long without fraying.
• Our mousses are infused with several high quality ingredients that moisturize your hair and keep it healthy all day long.
• We understand that styling your hair constantly could result in shedding, hair breakage, or hair loss. Our hair mousses will siren your hair for styling while strengthening it for growing.
• So that our products remain economical m and affordable for both hair stylists and customers we've ensured that you can get the most use of your product, as a little goes a long way when detangling, curling, or moisturizing your hair.

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"I have used similar products to this in the past but this has been the only product that I can use for both my extensions or my natural hair. I'm dying for the extra poof but yet the definition it provides is vigorous and it smells great too!"

- Ari, from Boston

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