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Private Label


What is private label

Choisie1 is the first company that doesn't require a high minimum purchase for private label. This gives the buyer the opportunity to test the products without a high gamble cost. Just to order "one" sample product from some companies are still higher than some of our required minimums, which are as low as a minimum purchase quantity of 10. We do advise our clients to order our brand first before making a purchase for private labeling.
After purchasing bulk goods from a wholesaler, the next thing to do is sell the items.

Private labeling is creating your own branded line of products for your clients to buy. As a retailer or a business that uses such products, you have control in everything - how it is named, how it is packed, and everything else besides. Your products will be entirely unique.

Some of the advantages of private label products include:
1. Control over pricing and profitability - Since the products you have purchased will use your own branding, you can determine a profitable pricing level.

2. Distinction - Private labeling allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. In addition, one of the best ways to sell or market your own products is that you alone have the exclusive right to market and sell the product.

3. Profitable margins - Because the cost of making your own products is generally lower than buying products that are pre-made (if purchasing in large quantities), private labeling allows you to have a 30% and up profit margin than a resale product.


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